Since 2014, we have been creating everything from games, mobile applications, serverless solutions, advanced large scale creative productions and Corporate Websites.

Our focus is to deliver top solutions to our customers by using an agile approach, best practice coding with the latest technology, top design and ux/ui.


Design forms a substantial part of our company and at the heart of our work are talented people and one guiding principle: Elegant Simplicity. So designing for usability is what we give highest value. Our designers constantly learn the best practices, but only a few were applied to each project to create a unique, practical solutions through the universal method of design thinking.

And these are design practices we are working on:

  • UX/UI design
  • Web / Mobile application
  • Design prototype (interactive, real time)

Jayme C.
Design Director –


At Stook studio we love development. We have created a constant learning environment where we encourage ourselves to learn and teach something everyday. We enjoy diving deep into new frameworks and see if it can solve any problems for our customers or ourselves.

When it comes to coding we are looking at the same quality as our design section. Best practice is standard. We have enhanced our workflows so we get our products out to the customer faster and in shorter sprints. We are using a specific build of wordpress to get it leaner for a multiple developer environment. Workflow automation from the build process to the deployment part is also something we are working hard on. Ansible, Vagrant, Trellis, Node, Gulp, Yelp, and Webpack is used extensively through out our projects. This gives us the possibility to focus on the product we are creating and also makes the after service secure and structured.

Hackathon Day is the first of every month. Each developer present a task in the morning and shows the result in the evening. Hackatons usually continues late night out in the city…

Popular frameworks at stook right now is Vue.js and React. We have gone thought a few angular projects and have nothing but love for it. The best parts with react is the crossover to react native which looks very promising. For vue.js we have the ultimate light-weight framework that we can use everywhere.

Here follows a list of what we do best right now:

  • Html5/css3 (delivering a pro front-end is not easy. But we are doing it every time)
  • SwaggerHUB, Node/Express, Amazon API gateway
  • React / React native
  • Angular 4
  • Vue.js
  • Javascript (the right way)
  • Php including laravel and WordPress
  • Java, Spring (android and enterprise)

This section updates from time to time*

Christopher Borghoff
Head of Digital Development